Aerobatic Flights

Aerobatics Flight, sometimes referred to as acrobatic, is an aerial roller coaster ride. Harnessed into an aerobatics plane you will experience the true freedom of flight as your pilot manoeuvres the plane in three dimensions. Your flight will start off with simple aerobatic manoeuvres – such as a loop, barrel roll or flying inverted. At the end of each manoeuvre your pilot will check how you’re feeling and if you’re ready for the next challenge. The aim is to complete a full aerobatic routine of loops, rolls, stalls and dives by the end of your flight.

On arriving at the airport you will be introduced to your pilot and the plane for your aerobatics flight. After a simple briefing, you will be secured into the cockpit with a 5-point harness. You will also be fitted with a headset so that you can easily communicate with the pilot throughout the flight and hear all the radio communications.

After take off your pilot will fly straight and level as you make your way to the designated aerobatics training area. This gives you a chance to settle into the flight, and get a birds eye view of the surrounding suburbs. Once at the training area, the pilot will check how you’re feeling, if you’re ready to start the first aerobatic manoeuvre and explain what to expect. Each aerobatic manoeuvre will start like this. At the end of the flight you’ll have an understanding of a variety of aerobatic manoeuvres that may include: Cuban Eight, Loop, Barrel Roll, Hammerhead, Tail Slide, Spin and Inverted Flight.

As the passenger you will have complete control over how much aerobatics you do and the intensity level. If you’re feeling fine the pilot will continue to challenge you with more vigorous aerobatic routines and higher G-forces. If you’re stomach cannot take it, then the pilot can easily tame it down.

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Great experience for a bday present! My partner came off the flight ecstatic and couldn't believe he'd flown a plane that day!
Sophie S
I LOVED my flight with Red Baron! The staff was great, my pilot was awesome and the flight was the best thing I have experienced! For my first time 30 minutes was long enough but next time I will definitely be going for longer
Awesome!!!! Just the best.... Though I did feel a little ill afterwards....
Ann L
I am 60 years of age, enjoy out of the box situations as often as possible, Motor cycling (Sports and Touring), skindiving and now Adrenalin Aerobatic flights. A fantastic flight .
Garry S
The team at Red Baron were awesome. Thanks to Matt for a great flight and the hands on time!
Grant S
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