Smooth, sleek, elegant. Flying in a glider is quite a bit different from some of the other Air experiences we offer at Adrenalin. If you've always wanted to see the view but twisting and diving isn't for you, then gliding is your perfect adventure. You'll enjoy the smooth, sleek design of the craft as you and your pilot soar almost silently through the air. This is truly a flight that will allow you to sit back and relax!

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Gliding, Introductory Glider Flight - Melbourne
Do you know someone that has always wanted to be a pilot? Send them on an introductory… Learn more
Gliding, Deluxe Glider Flight - Melbourne
Do you know someone that has always wanted to be a pilot? Send them on an deluxe… Learn more
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Fantastic time gliding. Recommend it to everyone. Thanks guys.
Adrian C
" Best price for best value & adventure option " Think Adrenalin
Amar r
I would definately recommend it to anyone wishing for a good day out, and it has inspired me to take up Gliding once I return home. THANKYOU SO MUCH ADRENALIN!
The first words to leave my mouth were "I'm flying" and Chris responded "We sure are". I allowed my feet to stretch out and there was certainly no ground beneath me. Strangely enough it wasn't frightening at all. I felt so safe in my harness and I felt like there was no way I could possibly fall. It was the most wonderful floating sensation, like having only the wind all around me. Incredible. I strongly recommend hang gliding to anyone and everyone. Tandem flying is great, especially when you have a good instructor who can reassure you that everything is just fine and then deliver it. I flew and I landed, and I am still in one sane piece. Marette
Very happy with experience
Antonette G
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