Barista TAFE Course - Professional Coffee Class, Sydney

Barista TAFE Course - Professional Coffee Class, Sydney
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Location: Sydney CBD (Sydney)
Our Price: $199
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This 5 hour coffee-making Barista masterclass is a professional course that will leave you with leading coffee making skills, ready to impress your friends and even qualified for work as a barista!

During an intensive 5-hour barista masterclass, you'll spend 3 hours learning barista basics covering the key variables that go into espresso-based coffee and get lots of hands-on practice (everyone gets their own section of a commercial coffee machine) with hints and tips from world-leading professional Baristas.

You'll then go on to master milk texturing and coffee art in a second 2hr session - this is the only course of its kind and will leave you with cutting-edge tricks including etching and freepouring techniques.

And this barista training course is more than just a fun experience... Uniquely, this course is TAFE accredited and students will gain much more confidence having completed this course as well as a nationally and internationally recognised qualification.

The perfect gift for a coffee enthusiast, frustrated home coffee maker or would-be barista, this course is regularly run in Sydney's CBD and conducted by world-leading coffee professionals. The ultimate coffee making course in Sydney!

Intensity: 2.0
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1 review
An eye opener - Secret Cafe business is a reality, know what to look for in a good coffee shop, and what to avoid in a bad one. When you know how to make a good coffee, you know what makes a bad one by watching someone else who hasn't been trained properly.
John F
Experience Details

Fitness and Experience

  • A love of coffee is the only pre requisite!
  • This is a wheelchair-friendly experience

What to Bring/Wear

  • No need to bring anything special, merely dress comfortably for the weather on the day

What is Supplied

  • 5hr barista course led by professional baristas
  • Barista Certificate and Coffee Art certificate
  • You will earn nationally recognised and VETAB accredited qualifications: SITHFAB012A "Prepare and serve espresso coffee" and SITXOHS002A "Follow workplace hygiene procedures"
  • "How To Make Every Coffee On The Menu" movie
  • eBook: How to Get a Job as a Barista
  • Written coffee menu listing the ingredients of all the major coffee drinks
  • Etching sheet
  • Access to audio podcasts and milk texturing/freepouring movies
  • Upon completion of this course, you qualify for a TAFE Certificate The TAFE qualification is nationally and internationally recognised
  • Low student:instructor ratio

More Information

The key variables that go into making espresso-based coffee are (amongst other things);

  • using fresh coffee
  • using the right amount of coffee
  • using the right particle size (grind of the coffee)
  • using the right grip handle
  • tamping correctly
  • having the right programming on the volumetric keypads on the espresso machine, therefore getting the right volume of espresso
  • using the correct drinking vessel to pour
  • using the correct milk texturing techniques
  • executing the pour properly and promptly after extracting the espresso presenting the finished coffee
  • using a clean espresso machine/grinder with the right temperature and pressure 


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