Defensive Driving with Ian Luff - Stage 1 - Sydney, Eastern Creek

Defensive Driving with Ian Luff - Stage 1 - Sydney, Eastern Creek
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Location: Sydney Dragway (Eastern Creek, Sydney)
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  • Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM in your own car
  • Most experienced instructors in Sydney with over 20 year's experience 
  • Perfect for P-Platers, Corporate Fleet and Court Order drivers
Defensive Driving Drive to Survive - Post License and Defensive Driver Training.

Ian Luff is known as the number 1 Driver Training Provider and his Drive to Survive course is an integrated learning experience suitable for novice or experienced drivers. These programs put you in control, helping make smarter choices while driving.
Key elements - 'Driver' - 'Vehicle' and 'Environment' are broken down into individual structures linking theoretical information with practical application. 
Soft plastic safety cones are used at closed private venues to simulate what can happen on public roads. 

The program is relevant to the vehicle you drive, large - small, sports car, commercial vehicles or four wheel drive. 
Companies use the Drive to Survive program as a positive way to reduce fleet running costs, while meeting their obligations of OH & S. 

Our expert team understand that individuals have a different learning ability which makes the one day, 8 hour program a rewarding experience.
All graduates from the Drive to Survive training course receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Whether you have just passed your licence test and just started driving, or want to be come a safer driver and be more aware of your vehicle and the environment, this course is a must.

The knowledge and skills gained during this training course could one day save your life, or the life of another road user.

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79 reviews more reviews
The driver training was very useful and has changed my habits, hopefully for good. Great fun on the day and the staff were funny and helpful!
Jay R
I ran 40+ people through the program and through thefour occasions , I had very positive feedback from my team as they learnt and enjoyed the experience. Congratulations to your team. Job well done.
Daniel K
I would consider myself a fairly well-skilled driver but even after 7 years of driving, the course managed to improve my driving capabilities and iron out some of my bad habits. Courses like this should become compulsory for every driver as part of getting a licence, just like it is compulsory for motorcycle riders.
I absolutely lvoed this course and really felt like I got what I needed and learnt loads about my car that I had no idea about before. I think that this course should be compulosry as it will make better drivers out of everyone and help people understand theirs cars and how to handle an emergency more accurately. I look forward to doing the second one
Tenille H
It was a great time. I feel my knowledge of what I am capable of and my car is capable of has greatly improved.
Steven D
Experience Details

Fitness and Experience

  • All licensed drivers from P platers onwards
  • Participants must present their current drivers licence in order to participate

What to Bring/Wear

  • Your current driver’s licence
  • Your own vehicle with a full tank of fuel, optimal tyre pressures, water and oil levels
  • Wear comfortable casual clothing according to the weather
  • Wear footwear that has a thin sole eg. joggers. Bulky shoes, high heels or climbing boots are not optimal driving shoes
  • It is a good idea to bring along a hat, sunscreen and the Aerogard if it is hot, or an umbrella if it’s raining
  • Lunch
  • Do not bring family or friends as spectators are not permitted

What is Supplied

  • Professional tuition from experienced instructors
  • Course equipment
  • Certificates for course graduates
  • Tea and coffee

More Information

You will be trained by Ian Luff and his team of drivers. Motoring expert Ian Luff has been involved in post licence driver training since the early seventies. Ian is not only a qualified mechanical engineer, he is a highly respected key note presenter, sought after TV & radio personality, motoring writer and is Australian motor racing champion (2004) and twice Bathurst 24 hour winner (2002, 2003). 

The 8-hour Stage 1 Driving course commences at 8.15am and conclude at approximately 4.30pm.


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