Defensive Driving Courses

Defensive Driving Courses

The Defensive Driving course provides post licence driver training to raise awareness and skill, and to assess potential dangers associated with the wrong attitude. This is achieved through theoretical and practical driving sessions in the participants' own vehicles. Good for sedans to 4x4 and light commercial vehicles, the course suits P Platers to more experienced drivers looking to hone their skills. Book Now & You Save!

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Eastern Creek
Western Sydney
Mt Cotton
Lakeside Brisbane
The Adrenalin Defensive Driving Course, FULL DAY - Australia-wide
Full Day Course in your own car Most experienced instructors … Learn more
Defensive Driving Course Level 1, FULL DAY - Lakeside, Brisbane
Full Day Course in your own car Most experienced instructors in… Learn more
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$100 (35.8%)
Defensive Driving Course, FULL DAY SPECIAL OFFER - Melbourne, Sandown
Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM in your own car Most… Learn more
List Price:
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$179 (50%)
Defensive Driving with Ian Luff, FULL DAY - Stage 1 - Sydney, Eastern Creek
Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM in your own car… Learn more
Defensive Driving Course Level 2, FULL DAY - Sandown, Melbourne
Full Day Course 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM in your own car Most… Learn more
Defensive Driving Course Level 1, FULL DAY - Canberra
Full Day Course in your own car Most experienced instructors in ACT … Learn more
Phillip Island Young Driver Training
Half Day Course in your own car Perfect for P-Platers and younger drivers BYO… Learn more
Defensive Driving Course Level 1, FULL DAY - Mt Cotton, Brisbane
Full Day Course 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM in your own car Most… Learn more
List Price:
You Save:
$100 (35.8%)
Phillip Island Advanced Driver Education Programme
At last, you can take your own car to Phillip Island and learn what it, AND YOU,… Learn more
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Jeff was an awesome instructor. He was very knowledgeable and a very clear and professional speaker to the group. Thanks for a great day Jeff. This was definately a beneficial experience. I would reccomend that all drivers should do this course, should be compulsory for all new drivers. I was able to regain my confidence back on the roads after being involved in an accident. I now know I am driving a very safe car.
Jeff and Pete did a wonderful job to provide a non-judgmental, fun and informative defensive driving course. I thought it would be dry and boring, I was glad to be proved wrong! thanks. R Delbridge Drives home the message about wiping 5km off your speed. Having experienced it at the course, it stands true. Also highlighted some capabilities of what your own car can do. I never thought it would make a diffence but since undertaking the course my confidence and awareness have changed dramitically.
It is rare to get an opprortunity to honestly examine your driving habits with a professional instructor. It is also a great opportunity to understand and experience what it really takes to avoid an accident. Prevention is far beter than the consequences!! Thanks again!
I've never locked up a car so much in my life! Great fun and extremely informative.
David O
learnt heaps, and am looking forward to booking level 2....instructor was great and will get mum and dad to book same for my brother for his birthday present
zac c

The defensive driving course is ideal for Corporate Fleet Training, P-Plate drivers or those on a court order to undertake Defensive Driver Training.

All defensive driving courses are conducted in a relaxed, enjoyable way encouraging participant interaction and involvement. The focus of the day is definitely not on driving defensively, not fast and dangerously! After initial introductions a lecture session will explain what defensive driving is all about and provide a vital evaluation of driver attitude and an awareness of the inherent dangers of driving on the road. Defensive driving techniques, driver attitude and vision will be covered together with correct use of modern safety features. An explanation of the correct braking techniques will be covered before being put to the test in a practical demonstration. Participants will then be subjected to potential emergency braking situations on a variety of wet surfaces.

Following a break for lunch another lecture session will typically cover tyres, vehicle dynamics and skid control. For the afternoon a combination of exercises will include vehicle balance and smoothness, corner lines and basic skid control. A final short lecture will recap the day, re-assess the driver’s attitude before Defensive Driving Course certificates and course notes are handed out as recognition of having completed the day. Theoretical subjects covered usually include:

  • Defensive driving “What it means and how it is achieved”
  • Evaluation of “the” main part of the car “the driver”
  • Driver attitude
  • Practical Road Safety Tips
  • Explanation of safety features of modern cars and how to use them
  • Tyres and their importance in driving safety
  • Vision skills
  • Basic vehicle dynamics and skid control

Typically, practical exercises will be conducted in:

  • Assessment of vehicle condition
  • Seating & steering
  • Emergency braking with & without ABS
  • Emergency lane changes
  • Reaction times and their effects on stopping distance.
  • Vehicle handling / steering

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